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Aviary.pl and Mozilla Corp. will work together to bring the best experience to all Aviary.pl users around the world!

Aviary.pl and Mozilla Corporation announced today that they are working together to improve the experience of all human beings around the world.

Together, Aviary.pl and Mozilla are collaborating on new technologies and approaches to enable Aviary.pl users to do something actually useful with perfect localizations brought to you by Aviary.pl.

"We are very excited to work with Mozilla" - said Marek Stępień, co-leader and localization manager of Aviary.pl. "Mozilla technologies will make it possible for our users to test our products in real environment with actual software. It will make using our localization way easier and more exciting to all of them."

"We are thrilled to be working with the best localization group ever!" - said Paul Kim, Marketing Manager in Mozilla Corp. - "We're thinking about replacing en-US with Polish Firefox and Thunderbird as a default served to users and physically abandoning English localization once all our developers learn to speak Polish fluently, which should happen soon. It's a great opportunity to our users to learn Polish which perfectly fits into our vision of promoting choice and innovation in the Internet. We've put a lot of effort into this, and I feel I'm ready, so let me say it loud - Promotsya veeboroo ee eennovatsee v Internetchie!" - he added.

"I'm really hoping that this is our last press announcement in English. This got way too boring a log time ago, so we want to challenge ourselves while trying to write it in this beautiful and inspiring language - Polish" - said Asa Dotzler, Community Coordinator in Mozilla.

"I'm so excited it finally happens. I'm sure other companies will join us, but we're the first" - said Axel Hecht, Mozilla's Localization Manager. "My job is over. We'll finally start switching to Polish as an international language, even if most of my co-workers would prefer C++ or even XSLT, which they find easier..." - he said, not being able to avoid weeping.

In the upcoming months Mozilla employees plan to learn where Poland is and the goal is to be able to point it on the map with closed eyes. Then Mozilla Firefox will switch to native Polish, and Mozilla Corp. will be relocated to Chrząszczyrzewoszyce, Łękołody County. In the long term, Mozilla plans to start ignoring the US market and focus on Central and Eastern Europe, with relocating Mozilla Europe to Tbilisi, Georgia.

On the other hand, Aviary.pl will enlarge the number of localized products. To already localized Firefox, Thunderbird, Bugzilla and others, the shiny new website will be added. Aviary.pl will help extend the functionality of the core web services of Mozilla project. Aviary.pl will begin with most important piece of software, which has been acting as a frontoffice application for Mozilla's users since the beginning of the project - bugzilla.mozilla.org. After successfully localizing Bugzilla, awarded with numerous "Best of the kind (some kind...)", "Most Popular Internet Product of the Year", "Best User Experience", "Interesting UI" and "WTF?" kind of awards in Polish computer freak press, Aviary.pl is planning to localize the bugzilla.mozilla.org website content itself. The plan is to start from localizing all bug titles and then focus on comments. In 3 months time, Aviary.pl and Mozilla are planning to cover all comments and start simultaneous localization of all new comments in real time.

The actual goal is to provide a full-featured user experience to all bugzilla.mozilla.org users in Poland and English speaking countries, so Aviary.pl will translate in real time both - English to Polish and Polish to English comments.

"We can't tell you much more about the future plans, because of NDA's of all kinds, but let me unofficially note that we're also investigating possible promotion of choice and innovation by localizing CVS comments and providing full featured localization of in-source comments in all .cpp, .h and .js files across Mozilla platform sources." - said Stanisław Małolepszy, French affiliate of Aviary.pl. "Once this is ready, Mozilla products will be the most internationalized products ever. It will be a tremendous success and the ultimate result of this cooperation" - he mumbled while helping himself to a crusty baguette.

About Aviary.pl

Founded in 2003, Aviary.pl is the best known localization effort in the world. Covering all possible products on Earth, Aviary.pl became the most important global software group. The products they localize are used by over 100 million users around the world.

About Mozilla

Mozilla is a little-known global community dedicated to building free, open source products and technologies that improve the online experience for people everywhere. Mozilla provides actual products to the localizations created by Aviary.pl.