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Thunderbird l10n

  • Simon Paquet, SethB, Pike
  • 3a2 - right now
  • 3b1 sep 9th, 08
  • 3b2 nov 4th, 08
  • 3rc1 jan 13th, 09
  • lightning integrated into tb, not separate anymore, around beta2
  • sipaq takes over as tb l10n release coordinator
    • new locales, approvals, localizer support, rel communication (freezes etc)
  • pike will cover tech aspects like tools develeopment


  • pike: no bonsai for hg, will have to watch tinderbox
  • kairo: cvs had better tools
  • sipaq: developers suffer from the same hg suckiness, hopefully they'll fix the stuff
  • checkout:
hg clone http://.comm-central mymail
  • now mymail has this: mymail/
 cd mymail
 python mymail/ checkout
  • (checks out calendar from cvs, mozilla-central, updates comm-central, checks out venkman, chatzilla ext for seamonkey) (???)
 |- mail/locales/L10n.ini
 |- mozilla/toolkit/locales/l10n.ini

L10n.ini - file that you feed in to compare-locales

  • hg pull faster than cvs update
  • mozillabuild for win will contain python, hg
  • many articles on mdc regarding hg should show up soon
  • RQ: why isn't pike's presentation as funny as the one in the other room? :)
  • hg accounts, keys will be imported from cvs
  • check in and push the change - two different things in hg
    • noone else will see it after checkin, need to push it to the public server (though you may need to merge first)
  • will do a document on hg

Now back to Thunderbird l10n process

  •  ???: constantly keeping eyes on newsgroup; more direct way of communication needed?
  • pike: we should not f*ck up and make announcements 2 days before release, like we did with fx3
  • freeze date announced one week earlier
  • sipaq: we tried to give localizers 2 weeks of ahead warnings before planned rc, want to do it as well for tb
    • in terms of communication, some kind of l10n.announce newsgroup, only stuff like rel schedule, string freeze
  • pike: once we have announcement post, have "[ANNOUNCMENT]" in subject, pessimistic about separate ng
  • pike: can get build time down to 15 minutes if not less, that's what i'm working on (2 minutes of build instead of half minute of xpi langpack building in buildbot)
  • kairo: hg checkout faster than cvs, so building machines will get code faster

Website parts

  • in-product pages;
    • sipaq: on
  • product pages;
    • sipaq: ask David, not sure yet